How does this fundraising opportunity work?
We are proud to partner with local schools to provide a fundraising opportunity on school supplies!  Through our "Let Us PAC For You" program, we donate 10% of ALL online orders back to participating PACs and schools. If this is something your school or PAC may be interested in for the upcoming school year, contact us today!

How do I build a kit?
We’re proud to offer easy “drag and drop” kit building – contact us for a website demonstration!  Alternately, provide us your school supply list and we will build the kit for you.

I am a PAC administrator, how do I manage our program?
It’s simple! Login to the PAC Admin page using the username and password provided by us to create and publish supply kits, track your school’s participation, and monitor your rebate!

Our school wants to participate - how do I register?
Contact us ​(hello@monk.ca) by email or 250-384-0565 (in Victoria) or 1-800-735-3433 to register your school!

Which schools can participate?
If your school is located on Vancouver Island, you are eligible to participate! Past participants include elementary and middle schools in the public, private, or community education systems. Contact us ​(hello@monk.ca) by email or 250-384-0565 (in Victoria) or 1-800-735-3433 to discover how we can work with your school!



Can I shop on bts.monk.ca if my school isn't participating in the PAC to School program?

Yes! Even without a PAC code you can shop for supplies and have them sent to your closest Monk Office retail location. Be sure to look for Back to School specials in store as well!

I have a PAC Code from my school, do I need to use it? 
The PAC Code allows you to purchase a custom school supply kit built specifically to your child’s school and grade. Additionally, your PAC Code allows us to track fundraising dollars for your school so please ensure you use the Code!

Is my school participating?
Contact your school to find out or send an email to hello@monk.ca for information.

Can I remove items from the kit?  What are optional items?
To provide the best pricing possible, kits are offered at a flat price and include all required items from your child’s list.  Our kits are specific to your school and grade so you can be certain you have everything on your list in the right quantities and styles. Optional items are items that are needed for the school year, but not built into the kit as per the teacher’s instructions. When ordering online, optional items can be added to your order once a kit has been selected.

I need help…

  • Finding my PAC Code?
  • Finding a kit?
  • Editing a submitted order?
  • Cancelling an order?

Contact us ​(hello@monk.ca) by email, 250-384-0565 or toll-free at 1-800-735-3433



What methods of payment are accepted?
We accept Visa and MasterCard.

How is sales tax calculated on school supplies?
Our sales tax is calculated according to the Provincial Sales Tax Bulletin on School Supplies from the Government of BC. 

Can I pay in-store?
Sorry, not at this time. We ask that all online purchases, even those for in-store pick up, are paid for in advance. Thank you for understanding!



School Delivery

When will my order be delivered?
If your school selected June delivery, your order will be delivered before school closes for the summer.
If your school selected August or September delivery, your order will be delivered before the start of the school year and given to your child once they're settled in their class room by the teacher.

Can I have my order delivered earlier?
Select in-store pick up to have your order delivered to one of our retail locations.


How will I be notified when my order is ready for in-store pick up?
A Monk Office team member will phone you when it has arrived and is ready for you.

When can I expect my order to be ready? 
A Monk Office team member will phone you. Please note that store hours vary by location so please confirm hours on our store locator page.  

Where can I find my closest Monk Office store? 
We have 9 Monk Office stores located across the Island - Port Hardy, Courtenay, Duncan, Sidney, and Victoria. Please visit our store locator page for addresses and store hours.


Returns / Exchanges

Can I return an item?
Because our kits are assembled specifically for your child’s school and grade and we are unable to process returns or exchanges on individual items.  If you have ordered the wrong kit, we will provide you with the correct kit and refund you the difference if there is one.

Something's not quite right with my order...

We're sorry to hear that and want to make it right for you! Please let us know how we can help at 250-384-0565 or toll-free at 1-800-735-3433 or hello@monk.ca

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